How shall they lie?

How shall they lie that have no voice
To tell the truth they have no choice
It’s written in the stars and stones
In living cells and relic bones
A documentary epic

And how could those that cannot speak
Relate but fact to those who seek
The true account of man’s descent
A dumb report, yet eloquent
The fossils wax poetic

Without a word how could they weave
A web of falsehood to deceive
Or explicate from simple code
Our heritage: a lyric ode
A manuscript genetic

How shall those with no tongue deny
The sacred verse upon the sky:
Each astral son must meet his end
But each in his demise portend
New psalmody prophetic

By what means might the mute propound
Or frame deceit without a sound
Yet human analytic thought
Misapprehends what Nature’s wrought:
Her symphony synthetic


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