Objective reality or subjective truth?

Objective reality may exist, but objective truth? What would objective truth be except a flawless and absolute description of the objective reality of things “as they are in themselves” – ding an sich – as Kant put it. But just by looking at them, we change them, and they are no longer “as they are in themselves” any more. Perfect points, lines, circles, spheres etc. only exist as mathematical abstractions, not as real things. Such perfect geometric descriptions surely cannot describe reality because they cannot exist in reality. In a sense, the more perfect our descriptions are, the less they really relate to actual reality. And the closer we look at the actual reality, the more we interfere and change the reality. So which is more objectively true – the perfect description of a non-existent “reality” or the far from perfect, totally subjective description of a reality that actually exists?


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