Cosmic Creative Propensity

Interesting essay entitled “What Does Our Understanding of Time Suggest About the Nature of Reality?” at Big Questions Online (Templeton Foundation website).

I was especially taken by the first comment (in the discussion in the right hand column) in which the commenter, George Gantz, made the following observations:

The determinism of the Unitary Block falls apart in light of the issues of complexity/ computability and quantum indeterminacy. Moreover, we cannot deny the evidence of our own experience – the Experienced World is where we live every day…The only answer that seems to make any sense to me is that mathematical laws provide the form into which physical laws (behaviors) emerge, driven by a fundamental cosmic creative propensity…

The commenter goes on to posit some form of consciousness – I would not go that far, but I liked the trajectory of the comment up to that point.

Anyway, I thought the essay itself said very clearly some of the things I have been trying to get across about how time might be more fundamental than science imagines at present – bringing experience into the equation also speaks to the idea of panexperientialism that I have talked about in a few posts – certainly I think the (unquestionable) fact of experience poses a serious obstacle to both scientific determinism and materialistic atheism as explanatory frameworks for the true nature of reality.

Most of all though, I just like the commenter’s phrase “fundamental cosmic creative propensity” – that seems to sum up quite nicely a lot of what I have been trying to understand/explain in my own model of reality recently.


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