Reason’s Hill is my humble attempt to express my heartfelt belief that spirituality is, or at least can be, the result of an honest, individual effort of observation and reason in the best traditions of Deism. The title, “Reason’s Hill” is taken from an early 19th century poem by Richard Monckton Milnes who, it seems, would have preferred his readers to avoid the effort of pursuing their own reasoned view of reality and simply adopt the ways of “The Men of Old” (the title of his poem). My first post explains why I use this image even though I disagree with the poet’s sentiments and sets the tone and context for my future posts.

As I plod my way up Reason’s multi-crested mount, you will probably soon see that I am forming my own views about God and reality. I attempt to elucidate them to some extent here because I think they make it all the more important (to me) that others make the effort to reason out their own worldviews – and, importantly, to show that it can be done. I do not expect or even desire that you agree with my conclusions (and I have no objection whatsoever to you expressing your disagreement if you feel inclined to comment) – but I firmly believe that you could and, perhaps, should at least attempt to reach your own.


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